Host Families With Teens Testimonials​

The Wilch Family

"I wanted to have a daughter and I wanted an Italian one. You see, my dad was 100% Italian and I love my big Italian family. We are a proud, loud, passionate bunch and I really wanted to connect with my heritage. I also wanted to learn all about living the Italian culture, as I already knew about the Italian-American culture. Chiara arrived in August and admittedly, it was a bit awkward at first. She was a little quiet, sweet and up for anything. She jumped in with both feet and really became a part of our family! My boys finally had a sister and I finally had a daughter. Girls are so very different from boys! Mason would hide behind doors and scare the crap out of her, they would hang out and laugh together, they teased each other and got along well. The day she started calling us Mom and Dad melted my heart and we all knew this girl would forever be a part of our family".
The Kitzmiller Family​

"We are currently hosting a student from Germany through ETC. It has been an amazing experience. From the preparation and training they provided before she arrived, to the guidance, activities and follow-up they have had during our year, the experience has been great. They are here to help whenever needed, they are hands-on just enough so that we (and the student) feel VERY supported, and they are always a pleasure to deal with!! It's clear that they have the safety and well-being of the student placed first (which is how it should be!), so anyone who is looking to host or send a child somewhere through this organization, rest assured!!!"
The Elsaesser Family​

"My family welcomed our first exchange student 5 years ago, and had such an amazing experience, that we have continued to host an exchange student (or 2) each year. We have international family in Norway, Germany, Thailand, Italy, Spain and South Korea. Not only have we been able to share our amazing country with our students, but we have been able to learn about and visit their home countries as well! The support of ETC's amazing Local Coordinators and Management has been wonderful, and they are always there if we need support. In addition, our Field Managers and Local Coordinators plan and organize great student events, and create a wonderful host family/student community. If you are considering hosting an exchange student, I highly recommend ETC!"
The Hoffmann Family

"We are the Hoffmann’s and we have thoroughly enjoyed hosting four ETC students over the past 4 years. We had 3 full-year students, one semester student and have been a Welcome Family and a temporary family for several others. Our son Kezi is originally from China, but is currently studying in the U.S. He has been visiting us every Christmas since 2014 and with his continued presence in the U.S., we have been able to maintain a strong relationship. Although distance makes it a little harder, we also have a continued great relationship with our daughter Martina and son Giammarco, who are both from Italy. And with us currently is our new daughter, Alba, who is from Spain...Our boys, now 13 and 11, have built very strong bonds with their exchange student siblings and we believe that these will continue on for a long time to come. The program has been successful in our mind, as our family has expanded to include these students, and we have learned so much".
The Halander Family

"My daughter Sami has been waiting to be old enough to share a bedroom with a sister. Before Leona (exchange student from Germany) arrived, I messaged her to let her know that Sami had rearranged her bedroom to allow for 2 beds and was hoping Leona might want to share. I assured Leona that she had her own room available, but maybe she’d want to do a sleepover occasionally on a weekend? Leona slept every night in Sami’s room. I was so thankful for Leona being a true big sister to Sami this year through all the challenges. She was the big sister that Sami really needed".
The Acott Family

"ETC is a wonderful non-profit organization that places students all across the US. I think of hosting as a gift.... to the student, but also a gift that the host family gives themselves. Last year was my youngest child’s senior year in high school, and my family agreed to host again, and along came Vincent from Germany. In many ways he was an ideal exchange student, had much in common with Riley, especially eating and weightlifting! 😂 But when he didn’t hang out with Riley, he was happy hanging at home with whoever was here, and we had a houseful that year because my daughter and her husband moved in with us for awhile. Vincent never complained, helped out in some of my crazy recycling and energy conserving efforts, went along wherever we were going, always had a positive attitude, and could talk to, watch TV or play a game with whoever was around".
The Pond Family

"Being their "American Mom" has brought me as much joy as my own beautiful children. I cry when they leave and I cry when they come back to visit or we get to visit them. No, not everything ran smoothly and we had ups and down and issues that had to be worked out, but we are better off because of each of them".
The Milfs Family

"We have hosted several students with ETC and we love the close family atmosphere the organization provides! The fact that it is a smaller organization allows for more personal relationships with our local coordinator and other host families in the area! The level of support we receive as a host family is amazing and the local coordinators and other staff members truly care about the students and host families! We can't wait to welcome our German student in July!"
The Van Hoy Family

"I get asked often why we chose to host foreign exchange students. My usual answer is because I like learning about their culture and sharing American culture with them. Those things are true but sharing opportunities like this means as much to us as it does to them. Meet Mar from Spain and Emily from Germany..."
The Raykovics Family

"Being a host family with ETC has been one of the best and most enriching experiences we have ever had. Beginning in 2012, we hosted our first student, a German girl named Katie. This opened the door for the next seven years of hosting amazing kids. We have hosted students from Germany, France, Japan, Korea, Italy, and Spain. Each one has brought adventure, insight, and joy to our family. Our daughters have grown up hosting exchange students and have grown in their knowledge of the world. They have also grown in their ability to welcome others into our home, show compassion, and share what they have. They now have family all over the world where they feel connected. Our oldest was able to visit Katie in Germany recently and they picked up right where they left off. Each year we get to go sightseeing in our home town, share the experience of all the "first times", have great conversations that go beyond the surface, and open our hearts to these great kids. How often do you get to share your life with someone so eager and willing to be a part of your world? We cannot put into words the fun and fulfillment we have experienced by being a host family. It is not always easy but it is so worth it, for the students who come full of curiosity and for the families who accept the challenge to open our homes to these strangers who become family. Our lives are forever richer for saying yes".

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