Study Abroad

Why study abroad?

Studying abroad is not just a way to get to know another culture. It is a way to get to know yourself. You will undoubtedly face some difficult challenges, but the rewards of self-discovery will more than compensate for the hard times. Upon your return you will have the satisfaction in knowing that you succeeded in using your abilities to have one of the best experiences of your life. You were able to form life-long friendships while growing independent and self-confident.

Our students need to have:

Programs fees include:

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Host Countries

Choose your destination and have one of the best experiences of your life!

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France – Italy – Spain – Germany – Japan

Application Process

Step 1

Contact us

There are two ways in order to begin the adventure of your lifetime. First, you can fill out the on-line pre-application. The pre-app allows us to understand a little bit more about who you are and where you want to study. Upon receipt of your pre-application, our Outbound Program Manager will contact you to answer any questions you may have.

Or you can call us directly at 503.222.9803/877-222-9803 to learn more.

Step 2

Application Process

ETC will send you a Study Abroad (Outbound) Application. Depending on the country of choice, the application may be in the language of that country. Additionally, two teacher recommendations and sealed school transcripts are also required.

Step 3

Interview with ETC Staff

The Outbound Program Manager will conduct an interview with you either by telephone or in person. The interview is weighed greatly in the application process.

Step 4

Wait for Country Acceptance

ETC works with exchange student organizations overseas in order to insure a positive and safe experience for you. The partner organization will review your application for acceptance into the program. If accepted, the organization will send confirmation to ETC and begin the process of arranging a host family and enrolling you into school.

Step 5

Obtain Passport and Visa (if necessary)

ETC assists the visa process by providing guidance and the necessary documents in order to study abroad. However, it is your responsibility to get your own passport/visa. You will need to contact the appropriate consulates and submit the necessary documentation by the required deadlines.

Step 6

Schedule Flight

Instead of being locked into a set price, you are allowed to shop around and find the cheapest airfare possible. ETC also works with an experienced travel agent who is excellent at finding the best fares and travel routes. You are responsible for arranging and purchasing your ticket.

Step 7

Go to Orientation

ETC will provide you with a personalized orientation about the expectations and regulations of the program prior to departure. Information at the orientation will include what to do in an emergency, issues of culture shock and guidelines to have a successful experience.

Step 8

Take Off!

With passport and boarding pass in hand it’s time for the adventure to begin! ETC will be with you throughout your time abroad, available to both you and your family in case any concern may arise.

Study Abroad FAQs