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Maroon 5 Concert

Emma and Caterina enjoying the setting sun just before the Maroon 5 concert in North Carolina

America's Capital

“We have done so much already, including a week at the beach! But after seeing the students’ excitement in D.C., I’m not sure anything will top it”

ETC News
ETC News

Cheering on their Fellow Student

“Caught some “cheerleaders” and snapped their picture… representing 🇺🇸 🇪🇸 🇩🇪 🇫🇷

Oregon Students Hanging Out

“I can’t tell you how great it is to have a big group of students in Oregon again! It was great getting everyone together (socially distanced, of course!) Only missing 2 students for student orientation!”

ETC News
ETC News

Soaking Up American History

“The first trip to museums with Mina today. Gettysburg is our first of I’m sure many. Living on the East Coast give so much opportunity to learn about our great American history.”

Students Enjoying a Traditional BBQ

“ETC BBQ was so much fun today!!! So thankful to work with such great students, host families and coordinators”

ETC News
ETC News

Kayaking down the River

“We did social distancing kayaking… had the river pretty much to ourselves”

Taking her first road trip through the states

“Our Dollywood trip with Nina has been a fun adventure her first week. 7 days in America- 3 days of school followed by visiting Virginia, North Carolina,Tennessee and back to Maryland Tuesday.”

ETC News
ETC News

Learning how to fish

“Jason took the girls fishing tonight while I was at a birthday party! It was a first for Clara & Lola and they seemed happy! “

Trying the Local Sonic

“Today we took Pancho and Tuan to Sonic for the first time and they tried their first Sonic Blast (which they loved).  We are so excited for the memories we will make during the rest of his time here 🥰 #etcexchange #familyforever”

ETC News
ETC News

A Day of Hiking with Family

“Devils Marbleyard and Peaks of Otter hiking with a night of camping 🏕”

First Time at Six Flags

“My husband took Noa and our 2 older boys to Six Flags in MD today. They had a great time!”

ETC News
ETC News

Weekend Getaway

“Kent went white water rafting yesterday! He is the right most boy. He had a blast although his left arm is really sore today from all the paddling they did yesterday.”

Wild Ride

“A fun day at Busch Gardens with Sandra!!”

ETC News
ETC News

Cheering in Florida

Host mom, Savanna, supporting her host daughter, Lorena, during the big game!

Running Across Tennessee

“Cristobal from Chile finished his first 5k race in cross country!”

ETC News
ETC News

Home Cooking

Andrea enjoys cooking at home with his host family 🍝

Exploring Downtown Nashville

“She got to explore the Nashville Farmer’s Market recently and drive through downtown Nashville to check out the city.”

ETC News
ETC News

Horsing Around

“Svea is settling on well and seems to enjoy your animals quite a bit. And our dog Karma LOVES her from the first minute they met. “

First American High School Football Game

“The girls enjoyed their first American football game at Porter Ridge High School with my daughter and her friend.”

ETC News
ETC News

Fun at the Rock Gym

“First rock climbing outing with Noa. She climbs in Spain 🇪🇸, so it was nice for her to experience our American gym.”

Surprise Party In Texas!

“Super FUN and successful Welcome to Texas Party/surprise party for my Leonardo💕😊💜 Thank you for all who came and I’m sorry if I didn’t get pictures of you. I tried! 😝”

ETC News
ETC News

First Time at the Beach

“Mika @ Pismo Beach”

Introduction to Nashville

“We introduced Mara to downtown Nashville tonight and The Legendairy Milkshake Bar. We also determined that she is not a country music fan! 😂”

ETC News
ETC News

First Broadway Show

“Took Leni to see Wicked. It was her first time seeing a Broadway musical (the touring version). In addition to Defying Gravity, we were also slightly defying bedtimes on a school night. But a good time was had by all.”

First Week in America

“So many first foods for Rodrigo and a trip to Walmart for groceries! (We hadn’t been to the store in awhile!)
Oreo pancakes, Chick-fil-A, and the famous Jack in the Box tacos! He’s enjoyed it all so far! We are having a great time together.”

ETC News
ETC News

First Day of School

First day of school in America for Candela from Spain (in the black shirt on the right). She’s excited to be a Godley Wildcat!! 🥰❤️

First Stop in America

“First stop – Whataburger. They’re Texans now!”

ETC News
ETC News

First week in America

Norma got to have 2 birthday dinners, one with just the family at Eataly as she wanted some mostly authentic margarita pizza. We were too full and tired to eat her cake, so we invited some of the other exchange students who have already arrived to our weekly taco Tuesday! It was great getting them together for the first time to talk about their first days of school!
Norma and Laura Martins Froede both started school this week and rode the bus for the first time! Norma also made the varsity volleyball team! It has been a busy 3 days but I know this semester will fly by!

Students' Arrivals 2021

We have about 400 students arriving in the united states during the month of August! We can’t wait to see how amazing their exchange year is.

ETC News

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