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Thanksgiving in the USA

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends and family near and far!❤️ First Thanksgiving for Mia and Seoyeon! – Steph (ETC host mom)

Family Trip

Seohyeon, from S. Korea, and Han, from Vietnam, making memories with their American host family!

Sweet Sixteen

“Happy 16th Birthday to our French daughter, Eva”. – Emily (ETC host mom)

Hiking in Sedona

“Dane and I had a great time hanging with Emily and Mar this weekend! We had a sleepover complete with Indian Food and the girls’ first s’mores and then took an early morning drive up to Sedona for some hiking”. – Jessi (ETC local coordinator).

The Holidays Are Here

Gaspard, our student from France, with his American host family in AZ.

Homecoming 2020

Living one of their best moments in America!

Sibling Time

Thinh, our student from Vietnam,  is fixing up an old jeep with his American siblings.

Medieval Times

Johannes, our student from Germany, and his host dad had an amazing experience at Medieval Times.


Cooking Time

Lara, our student from Germany, and her host siblings made a delicious birthday cake for her mom 💙✨ 🇺🇸

Happy Halloween

Eva, our student from Spain, and her host family in Halloween.

ETC Halloween

Host Family Story

“Having young children, we were a bit skeptical with hosting, but we couldn’t have made a better decision. Annie fits in perfectly into our family and the kids love their German sister! It’s exciting and fun introducing her to our culture as well as learning the differences from hers”.

– Heather S. (ETC host mom)

Halloween Party

“Let us make memories” – Nora (ETC Student from Germany)

Corn Maze

Beautiful day in NC for our ETC students to hang out at Armstrong Artisan Farm!

Student Story

“One of my favorite to-do’s in fall is to go to a pumpkin patch! This year, my hostfamily and I visited Greens Bridge Gardens in Jefferson, Oregon. We went through a hay and a corn maze, went on a hayride and of course picked our perfect pumpkins!” – Vanessa (ETC Student from Germany)

Pumpkin Patch Time

Eva (from France) and Marta (from Spain) with their host family.

Pumpkin Carving Fun

ETC students got into the Halloween spirit with these creative pumpkin designs.

Pumpkin Season

“Emily, Mar, and I went out for dinner at Pita Jungle after their swim meet last week and we found this pumpkin pyramid!” -Jessi (ETC local coordinator)

Host Mom Story

“So proud of my Spanish son, Pablo! He is on the e-sport team at his high school and is the KDA regional champ right now”. – Chelsea (ETC host mom)

International Dinner

“Kimchi pancakes and Vegetable pancakes made by Seoyeon tonight for dinner! So good!” -Steph (ETC host mom)

Local Coordinator Story

“Eckert’s pumpkin patch with this amazing family. Love my host families.”

-Sandy (ETC Local Coordinator)

Exchange Students Around the Gardens

“Had a fun visit with Judith and Nadja this morning! We went to the Pacific Bonsai Museum and Gardens. It was beautiful and we didn’t have much trouble avoiding others!”

-Kristy (ETC host mom)

Host Mom Story

“I took the big boys (Jannik and Ethan) to Silver Dollar City yesterday. We had a freaking blast! We rode every single roller coaster, multiple times. I used to refuse to ride ones that go upside down, but they dragged me on them anyways and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.”

“They made many friends in the wait lines and had the people around us rolling in laughter 😂 Especially when they were telling people they were twins and were trying to figure out who was the better looking twin.”

-Kayla (ETC host mom)

Meet our ETC students

Six Flags Over Texas

Our student from Vietnam having a great time with her American host family.

Birthday Celebration

Lotte, our student from Germany, had a great dinner celebration in the USA!

Family Trip

Yelin, our student from South Korea, and her host family in AZ!

Volunteer Host Family

Chea, our student from South Korea, and Kim, our student from France, are living the best year of their lives in the USA. Thank you to their host family for giving them the chance to be exposed to NEW experiences and NEW cultures!


Homecoming week for Eric, our student from Spain. 💙

Host Mom Story

“I get asked often why we chose to host foreign exchange students. My usual answer is because I like learning about their culture and sharing American culture with them. Those things are true but sharing opportunities like this means as much to us as it does to them. Meet Mar from Spain and Emily from Germany”. – Mary (ETC host mom)

ETC students
Exchange student

Student Story

“I can’t believe it’s been a month in Oregon now. Although it feels like “What, it’s only been a month?”, looking at all the things that have happened already. This photo was the very first one me and my wonderful hostfamily took, right after I arrived at the airport in Portland on August 12th, 2020. We went on hikes, spent time at our lake house, I tried a ton of different foods, we went paddleboarding, wildfires, politics and a bunch of other things are almost constantly surrounding me and if there’s one thing I want to say it is:
I love it. I love the places I visit. I love the people l’m with. 1 month. Full of fun memories, full of love, full of adventures. I love Oregon”. – Nessy (ETC Exchange Student)

Student Trip

“Shopping cowboy hats and boots- Austin, Texas” – Kaani (student from Germany)


Spanish Food

“Paella made by our Spanish son today” – Chelsea G. (host mom)

Students' Arrivals 2020

We have found more than 100 homes for our exchange students this school year! (August 2020).

Student Orientation 2020

Our students are setting in their new life and getting adjusted to so many new customs and habits during their exchange year.

School in the USA

Our students started their first day in high school! Here it is our student Moritz’s, from Germany, online schooling.

ETC exchange student

First week in America

“My first week is over and I love it here I saw so much about Idaho and everything is so beautiful. My host family is so nice and lovely and I love them already” – Aaliyah (exchange student from Germany)

Student Story

Wonjoong has gained a huge ammouny of confidence with his English during the summer classes. Wonjoong has expressed that he liked the classes, he could see friends as well as meeting his English teacher. For Wonjoong, this summer, he feels he is able to speak also more fluently.

ETC student


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