Host Families With Kids Testimonials​

The Rickett Family

"I have always wanted a daughter, always. But god blessed me with the two, most precious boys I’ve ever laid eyes on. When Marina (exchange student from Spain) arrived, I was terrified! Wandering what I had gotten myself into. She probably thought we were crazy, and probably still does. But quickly, she was no longer just an exchange student, she was a member of our family. My boys absolutely adore her, their sister, and she is absolutely fantastic with them. She’s funny, sweet, there is never a dull moment. Had I know how amazing this would have been, I would have done it sooner. Because of ETC I now have a daughter, lifelong friendships with some of the best ladies I have ever met, and a new understanding of blood doesn’t make a family".
The Dozier Family

"The truth is, our experience was incredible. The photo of Anne holding Ridgelee was taken less than 24 hours after her arrival. The two of them connected quickly. My 18 month old had a play mate that she would crave constant attention from and Anne was happy to give it. M.A. and Anne formed a bond I can’t even describe and I kind of envied it. She was also a huge help to me. When she saw I was on edge or sick, she would just take Ridgelee to the play room and entertain her or offer to help with dinner. She gifted M.A. and I with some date nights to show us appreciation and she had a constant smile and a joy that radiated from her that made us fall in love with her on day 1. Two years after hosting her, Anne and her parents came to visit us at our new home in GA and she got to meet the little nugget that was in my tummy during our time with her. A month later, I got to see Anne in her home country. What we thought was a 5 month commitment was actually a gateway to a lifelong relationship. We still talk with Anne often and know we will see her again"
The Dunlop Family​

"Kerem (exchange student from Germany) arrived in August, and at first, it was a bit rough to adjust. Everyone had to get used to the changes and decide whether or not to make it work. Kerem is an only child, so coming into a family with 3 young, active boys was quite a shock! After meeting Kerem and seeing what a wonderful young man he is, we said yes to hosting him for the entire year. We have all had to learn to compromise a bit, but it's been so good! We are now just months away from Kerem's year ending and him returning to Germany, and we marvel at the changes we have seen! Kerem and our boys have good relationships now. They play together. Kerem reads to them. He even babysits from time to time to help us out! We have worked out the "kinks" to make it good, and we are sad to see Kerem leave in June. We have gone from being a family with young children to also being parents to a wonderful teenage son, and we know this is a relationship that will continue beyond this year. We are so glad we said yes, and we even have said yes for hosting another student next year!"
The Daugherty Family

"This year we are hosting two exchange students. We have Amy from Thailand and Gabby from France (Africa/Lebanon). This is our first year hosting students but we will most definitely do it again...From the first day we picked the girls up we have been learning about their cultures, having interesting conversations and creating memories for the entire family. Some people with small kids are hesitant to host an exchange student. Our experience has been that our kids (7yrs and 4yrs) love our students. They love to wake them up early, play games with them, ask them how to say different words in their languages and treat them like they would an older sibling. The best part about hosting students has been the way our kids look up to them. In a world where many young women look up to celebrities to model themselves after I get to have my children look up to two educated, confident and motivated young women. Another awesome thing to observe is watching my kids explaining American culture or social norms".
The Rich Family​

"I’m a single mom to two kids and we had a wonderful experience hosting an exchange student. My boys were 5 and 2 when Sofia arrived from Italy. They warmed up to her right away, and she quickly earned “big sister” status in our family. We had a wonderful year showing Sofia around our city and supporting her as she pursued the performing arts. She and I had many meaningful conversations about culture, religion and politics. We also got to taste different meals and desserts from Italy and introduced her to her new favorite foods – tacos and Dutch Bros coffee! Signing up to host was a bit of a leap of faith, and I’m so glad I did. Our biggest challenge was probably arranging rides to and from extracurricular activities, but our friends and family came together to help. My advice for another single parent interested in hosting is: Go for it, and don’t be afraid to ask for help! Your coordinator, other parents, host parents, and the student’s friends can be excellent resources when you need an extra hand. It will be an experience to enrich and benefit your family for life".
The Schuman Family​

"This past September, we welcomed two boys into our home! Aris, from Italy, and Wilhelm from Germany. My kids have bonded immensely with these two boys and even though Aris has already returned home, they still ask about him and clearly miss him. The thought of Will leaving in June brings my kids to tears. I also had the amazing opportunity this past fall to meet both of their parents while I was in Germany and Italy. Aris’s mom took me on a tour of Rome in the rain and I stayed at her house. I would like to think that we are friends and I am looking forward to seeing her and Aris again this fall in Italy! Hosting exchange students is not always perfect. But it is an experience that I will always cherish and feel that I have gained new family members from all over the world. My kids have now have international siblings and have been exposed to people that have different cultures and ways of life".
The Orona Family

"Hosting Johanna was a blessing to our family. Our boys had a great experience having an older sister that was loving and caring. We all loved exchanging and learning about our cultures and enjoyed learning a new language as well. It was some of the best months of our lives!" 
The Wellham Family

"This was our first time hosting a student, we were paired with an outstanding young lady from Germany who easily blended into our family. I felt like our local coordinator Christina Cruz took extra time to find the right student for us. I love the way Christina the local coordinator hosted parties, organized events for students and their American families. She really kept a close bond with all the families. The communication was good and everyone at ETC was supportive and helpful. Our family is truly blessed to say we have family in Germany. We highly recommend ETC for anyone considering hosting an exchange student. A special thank you to Christina Cruz".
The Rogers Family​

"Our exchange student has been such a blessing in our lives. We had no idea we were missing anything until she came into our lives. Having a host daughter has made us laugh harder then we have ever have before. It's been so special to see my kids love her, bond with her, and my daughter's closest confidant in a time of her life. She has become not just a daughter to me, but my friend.  She helps with chores with the kids, helps with cooking, yardwork, she jumps right in.  We love our Marina".
The Olivas Family​

"I grew up in a family where my parents hosted and it was one of the most memorable experiences. Making lifetime friendships as I still communicate with most of them to this day. We have even visited two of them while visiting their country. Now that I am married and have a family of my own I wanted to give this amazing experience to my own children and husband. This year was our first year hosting. When Xenia (from Spain) arrived we were so excited to meet her because from her application letter she seemed like she would fit in great with our family and we were right. We have enjoyed our time with her and watching her step outside her comfort zone and grow as a person but my favorite thing was watching my children’s eyes open to a whole other culture. Not everyone lives as we do and there was a sense of appreciation of what we have established in their little hearts. We are so grateful to have this experience for all of us".
The Brown Family​

"We have been blessed to host 10 students in our home through ETC. ETC leads the industry in trained professional staff and coordinators who are there every step of the way during a hosting year. We now have children all over the world and have even been lucky enough to go and visit some of them and meet their families. We can't wait to welcome our next student into our home and we do so without any reservation as ETC is the BEST organization that offers training, support and fun along the journey to their students, host families and staff".
The McGoff Family​

"We have hosted three students with ETC, and are looking forward to our fourth arriving in August. I can honestly say it has been a life-changing experience for my entire family. My kids have loved getting an instant "teenage sibling" from other countries, and it has really sparked their love of language and culture. ETC is extremely supportive of the host family and student throughout the whole process. We plan on hosting with ETC frequently for the foreseeable future. I highly recommend this organization if you're considering hosting an exchange student!"
The Thoene Family

"This was our first time hosting a student and we would definitely do it again, and through ETC specifically. The communication was good and everyone at ETC was supportive and helpful while coaching us newcomers through the process of hosting a student. Most of the exchange students we met throughout the year were bright, adventurous and respectful but we felt like we REALLY got lucky in being paired with an outstanding young man from Spain who easily blended into our family. We would highly recommend ETC for anyone considering hosting an exchange student or a parent looking to send their child on exchange for an opportunity of a lifetime".

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