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“It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later”Our Host Families Say Goodbye To Their Exchange Students

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Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Paraguay, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and Vietnam.

The hardest part about hosting is saying goodbye.

“Sending these kids back home is tough, but I would not change a single thing. We will continue to host students even though sending them back home is so hard. We have enjoyed it so very much. We watched our student live out his dreams over the last 10 months.”

— Kayla (ETC Host Mom)
Host Families Say Goodbye to Their Exchange Students

Rickett Host Family

“Tonight is our last night with Jannik. Today has been very emotional but lots of fun. We had one last get together with our family and his friends. We ate, we laughed, we played. We ended the day by playing softball with him and his friends. Then shot fireworks at mom and dads once it got dark…. And actually, the entire last week has been emotional, knowing our time has come to an end. This is the part of student exchange that sucks. Sending these kids back home is tough, but I would not change a single thing. We will continue to host students even though sending them back home is so hard. We have enjoyed Jannik so very much. He has been SUCH a great fit for our family. We watched him live out his dreams over the last 10 months. Watched him hit the court as a Mustang, watched him learn a new sport (baseball), took him to an NBA game, watched him grow as a person (literally, the kid grew over an inch while here, haha), watched him develop lifelong friendships. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve argued (mainly about pollen and allergies ). This one goodbye will be tough, but the memories we made were worth it. I hope he enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed him and we cannot wait to see him succeed in life.”

Host Families Say Goodbye to Their Exchange Students

Brousseau Host Family

“So yesterday this beautiful girl headed home to France. She left late and sprinted through the atlanta airport to make her connection. It was stressful and sad and i miss her terribly! Lucille is a unique, quirky, independant, wonderful young woman. She has a knack for making people feel welcome and included and she is 100% true to herself at all times. I’m so happy she came into our family and took a chance on us. These girls have enriched our lives these past 6 years. Each one has helped us to grow and change and learn to be and do better. Our kids have sisters all over the world waiting to receive them at any time. The tears we have this week mean we’ve done it right. We have been family and loved completely! I wouldn’t change it for the world!”

Host Families Say Goodbye to Their Exchange Students

Minnick Host Family

“This kid! This is my German son. He is my “Diamond in the rough”! It took A LOT to find our Diamond but it was worth it. There were days I didn’t think we would get to the end of his exchange let alone to extend it to spend more time together!

Our start may have been rough but all of it was worth it seeing him the way I see him now. We used to tell him he had the best poker face, now I just have to look at him too see the myriad of emotions he has going at any moment. We may not have been his dream family but I think we were what he needed and we are blessed from having him. Thorben has a love for nature and all things around him. No matter how small or big he has made sure to spend time with & say goodbye to all of our animals “because they are part of the family”.

I can’t tell you the hours we have spent together making dinner, playing games and just hanging out. Sometimes I thought he was squishing so much time in each week to make up for the first few months but it is just his genuine nature of a few people deeply instead of a large group on the surface.

If I got soo busy and wrapped up in work he would be the one to remind me to breathe and live life not watch it happen around me by a simple “can we hang out tomorrow?” Text. He went out of his way to make sure I knew how much he appreciated everything I did. He is a young man of few words so the first time he said he cared about me & missed me, called me mom, told me he loved me or to reach out and hug me not just accepting one given but actually initiating one; all made me cry. Because coming from him I knew they came from deep inside his heart. I’m going to miss him immensely as we spend soo many hours each week together he will definitely leave a whole in my day to day life and my heart where he was. Today he takes yet another piece of my heart home to Europe. Remember I love you kid! And to answer me when I message or call!!! I’m going to miss you even before you get home to Germany. I know we have talked about it but you BETTER come visit! Ich liebe dich, Sohn! Bis wir uns wiedersehen, werde ich Dich aus tiefstem Herzen vermissen.

Love your American Mom”

Host Families Say Goodbye to Their Exchange Students

Avila Host Family

“Today we had to say see you later to our Zoe. She has been an amazing addition to our family. Never perfect but perfect for us. I know she is going to do amazing things with her life. She is so smart, thoughtful and beautiful inside and out. I am so happy that we were able to have so many adventures together. She is truly a wonderful person. We love her very much and are so blessed to have her in our lives. She has left her mark on us and our lives are better because of it. Zoe we love you and can’t wait to see you again. Have a safe trip home.”

Host Families Say Goodbye to Their Exchange Students

Isaac Host Family

“Hosting foreign exchange students has definitely been one of the most rewarding things we’ve ever done. Maddy and Branch adored their big sisters and they adored them.

We ate rabbit in a Spanish Paella, we *tried* eating radishes like apples, we sang songs about noodles with olive oil and salt, and snails in their shells and fish in the river at Christmas.

We watched the Spanish’s King’s Christmas Day speech and ate 12 grapes as the clock struck 12 on NYE. We celebrated The Day of the Three Wise Men. We ate ratatouille and quiche and searched grocery stores high and low to find a bread that was most similar to their bread back home (Kroger Baguettes BTW)

We played Cuadrado and blared French rap in the car. And now my two year old says, “Mais Non!!!!”

What a year.

Loved it.”

Husted Host Family

“We are sending Bao back to Vietnam tonight. We’ve had a great year with her in spite of all of the restrictions. She even learned how to play tennis and played on the junior varsity team. Finished the academic year Cum Laude. She has become a part of our family and we will miss her.”

Host Families Say Goodbye to Their Exchange Students

Ruiz Host Family

“We said goodbye to Sofia this morning. She stayed a month extra. She made so many connections while being here and made amazing friends who were there for her to the end. She has been a blessing to our family and I pray she will carry with her all the the love and good times she had here.”

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