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Benefits Of Hosting An Exchange Student

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Please let us know of any families you think have the willingness and resources to help one of our exchange students. Exchange students come from one of these countries:

Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Paraguay, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and Vietnam.

Here we give you 5 benefits of hosting an exchange student

The benefits of hosting an exchange student are truly limitless 

Gaining another member of your family, learning a new language, eating new meals, experiencing another way of life, etc. Every day I hear another great story of a host family sharing memories about their life with a foreign exchange student. We have students from 11 countries come to America for a semester or a whole school year willing to share their lives with an American family to get an education. How could anyone say no to that? Bringing a foreign exchange student into your home will not only benefit your family and the student, but it will be a positive impact in your whole community in the best way possible. 

Discover Different Cultures

Of course, exchange students come here to learn about our culture, but it is also an opportunity for you to learn about their culture! A lot of people in America never get the opportunity to experience a new culture. It is expensive to go overseas, it’s new, and a lot of times scary for people. Foreign exchange students fix this problem for you! They teach you so many new things about their culture and most of the time it is way more than you would learn from even just going to their country. You learn how to speak their language from a local, taste some of the local cuisine, and experience their culture. You begin to learn how students grow up outside of America which a lot of people do not get to experience in a lifetime. Our students come from 11 different countries, so you have many different cultures to choose from! 

New Perspectives On Your Daily Life ?

For those of you that have gone to another country you know how much it changes your perspective of everyday life. You realize that there is so much more out there than just your surroundings. When you bring an exchange student into your home, the exact same thing happens. Not only does your heart grow even larger, but you begin to realize how small your world is when you have someone in your home from a completely different country! It is easy for everyone to take life for granted but an exchange student in your home truly makes you think in a new way. Even your daily routine will seem different because you have someone teaching you a new routine and that’s okay! 

Benefits of hosting an exchange student

You Will Make New Friends?

Having a foreign exchange student around wherever you go is quite the conversation starter. You will begin to meet people you never would have talked to otherwise. You will make new friends who have also hosted a foreign exchange student before because it is such a wonderful and loving community. You will also become friends with the natural parents of your exchange student! You will create a bond you never would have thought you could have with someone. Most of the times after our exchange students have left, their host family comes to live with them in their home country and get to meet their family. 

Adopt A Mentor For Your Kids 

Whether you have little children or older children, foreign exchange students are great mentors for your children. It is a great opportunity for your children to get to learn a new culture as well as learn a different lifestyle apart from what they know. It is also a great way for your children to immerse their selves into a new language. The easiest way to learn a foreign language is to practice it every day by speaking it with someone. This will also help make the exchange student feel more at home. 

Benefits of hosting an exchange student

Another Person to Love

Hosting a student is about having a huge heart that has a lot of room for love in it. You are bringing this student into your home to help make their dreams come true. You are showing your family that just because someone isn’t related to you, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve love. Teaching your children this is such a valuable lesson to learn. There is no greater gift in life than adding a new member to your family and gaining another person to love. 

If you are looking to give back to the community, make a difference in the world, or make someone’s dreams come true, then hosting surely is for you! We are always looking for host families for a semester or a school year. Our host families provide room and board, 3 meals a day, and transportation to and from school. Most importantly, our host families provide a loving home where a foreign exchange student can excel in school, join a new family, and create an unforgettable memory. 

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