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We have short and long term programs.

What is a host family at ETC?

Becoming a host family is much more than just a family providing meals and a place to stay for an exchange student. Since 1999, host families have supported ETC students by showing them love, American traditions, and becoming their second family. Opening your heart and your home to a foreign exchange student is a rewarding experience that can never be replaced.

Benefits of becoming a host family

Create lifelong friendships

Introduce your family to a new language, new foods, different music, and an entirely new culture

Make a difference by supporting diversity and cultural awareness

The host family needs to provide:


Three meals a day


A place to sleep and study





Why choose ETC to become a Host Family?

You are not alone

Our ETC Local Coordinators have extensive experience! They will provide the necessary support to prepare your family to face the challenges of welcoming a new member into your family.

24/7 emergency service

We have an emergency line for support. If medical attention is necessary, ETC students have medical insurance.

Local coordinators will support you

Your family will have meetings monthly. We will provide support, answer questions and guide your family in this incredible intercultural experience.

We have a very high return rate for host families

Our host families enjoy their experience so much, that 50% of them return to host again the next year.

Who are our students?

Students range in age from 15 to 18 and are currently enrolled in high schools in their home country. Students apply through foreign partner organizations in their home countries. They go through an extensive application and evaluation process.

ETC students come prepared to make the most out of their high school year in the US. They fully participate and integrate into their school, host family and community and then they return to their home country to further impact their world.

Where do ETC students come from?

Embark on your international journey with an exchange student who
comes from one of these thirteen countries

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We have numerous students with similar interests and hobbies as your family!
ETC strives to place our students with the right family in order to ensure the best experience for everyone.

Students Responsibilities

Bring own spending money & insurance

Have good English skills

Are highly screened for suitability for the program

Are excited to meet their American family

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