Here is what  some of our school administrators are saying about ETC Students

Imagine Prep Surprise
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Giordano, Tim, Barthelemy, Alejandro, Elisa, Carlotta, Mingrui, Joao, Yerin, Laurids, these are but a few of the outstanding examples of the ETC students that we have had the pleasure of welcoming into our Imagine Prep family. As a special charter school sitting in the heart of Surprise, Arizona, we have long had the reputation of being that ‘family – oriented’ school. Incorporating the Cambridge Examinations curriculum, we have encouraged diversity, rigorous studies and a familial environment. The guest students mentioned have blended successfully into that environment and have flourished academically and socially.
Whether our guest students have been Italian, German, Chinese, South Korean or Brazilian, each one has become part of our family and has been embraced by our entire student body. Depending on their specific skill sets and interest levels, we have incorporated them into our soccer teams, our cheer squads, basketball teams and student government. ‘Gio’ became a role model in middle school gym classes, a varsity soccer star and Facebook favorite, long after his return to Italy. Tim, from Germany, maintained one of the highest grade point averages in his grade level and left us with a heavy heart. The most heartwarming smile of 2015 came from our Mexican cousin, Alejandro. This young man made friends for life with his warm and welcoming personality. Beautiful Italian Elisa lived her Disney dream ‘High School Musical’ by making it on our Varsity Cheer Squad, Volleyball team, and Basketball team. Mingrui was an active Chinese basketball player who found a position on our varsity basketball team. Joao, Brazilian, and Yannik from Germany continued their high level of soccer skills while joining our varsity soccer squad. Both of these gentlemen were immediate favorites and quickly became part of the Imagine fabric. Consejo, from Spain, was welcomed with open arms as she charmed her teachers and fellow students. Another Disney dream was realized by Consejo, who also tried out for the Varsity Cheer Squad and made it with no difficulty.
Each of the students mentioned has maintained contact with one or more teachers and students. They have become an important part of the Imagine family and have created memories that will last a lifetime. Each of us will retain the smiles, the hugs, the memorable moments and we will speak their names with heartfelt thanks for being part of our life experience.
It has been a rewarding relationship working with ETC over the past few years. The professionalism and accessibility shown to Imagine Prep and staff has been remarkable and has benefited our entire community tremendously. The thought and meticulous care that has been invested in each of our foreign exchange students by the ETC coordinators and supervisors has been evident in each of the students through their personal exchanges with Imagine teachers and administrators. From the very minute difficulties have arisen with the ETC students, our local coordinators have acted upon those situations with skill and appropriate counseling. It is our pleasure to work with such an upstanding and effective group of professionals. We are eager in continuing our relationship with ETC for many years to come.
We will never forget what contributions they have made to our world.
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Thank you, ETC!
Mr. Hulstrom


“We have worked with ETC for over 8 years and they never fail to provide us with quality students who are well prepared for their exchange.   Additionally the program is always there to ensure that host families and students are well supported. They make the application process so much easier for us than other programs that we have worked with in the past….”
Christine Collings—Counselor,

Elizabeth High School Elizabeth, CO.

“Working with Education Travel & Culture has been a wonderful experience.  Transitioning our new student has been seamless and fulfilling to know that we are providing a wonderful opportunity to a student from another country.  The information provided to us through Educational Travel & Culture allowed us to properly place our student in the correct classes.  I look forward to a continued relationship with Education Travel and Culture.”
Steve Threadgill
Cortez Logo

Assistant Principal of Student Services
Cortez High School—Phoenix AZ
“I have worked with the Exchange Students at Tualatin High for 10 years.  We value the experience and the enrichment it provides our school community.  I have worked directly with Lisa Evers and Education, Travel and Culture for two years as the Tualatin High School contact and it has been a seamless process.  Lisa is organized and does a good job finding families that match up well with the exchange students.  We appreciate her and the standards of your organization.  We look forward to working with Lisa and Education, Travel and Culture each year.”
Christi McCauley
(503) 431-5604
Student Affairs Office
Tualatin High School