Who are our students?

Students range in age from 15 to 18 and are currently enrolled in high schools in their home country. Students apply through foreign partner organizations in their home countries. They go through an extensive application and evaluation process.

ETC students come prepared to make the most out of their high school year in the US. They fully participate and integrate into their school, host family and community and then they return to their home country to further impact their world.

Student Countries


Brazil – China – France – Germany – Italy – Japan – Mexico – South Korea – Spain – Thailand – Vietnam

Students Responsibilities

Bring own spending money & insurance

Have good English skills

Are highly screened for suitability for the program

Are excited to meet their American family

Suhelia from Mexico
"I have learned a lot from this experience, and I have grown as a person. I have become more independent, responsible, organized, social and active. My English has been improving day by day; every day I learn a new word, meaning or slang."
Sabrina from Germany
“On the first day of school, I joined the Girls basketball team, I had never played a team sport! Was a wonderful experience which everyone should have.”
Damiano from Italy
“I recommend my experience to all students on earth, reminding them to be most flexible… And wish them to find an awesome and active host family like I did!”

Student Wall of Fame


Dalia, our student from South Korea, had a violin solo at the DCC Concert. She did amazing! Her host family, friends, and ETC are so proud of her.


She qualified to dive in regionals and took 8th
place overall. The top 8 divers go to State where she will compete with the best divers in North Carolina. She also got recognized at a basketball
game, along with the other seniors for various sports.
Her family really has enjoyed supporting her!


He took 1st place in State for the boy’s 5A High School Tennis competition.

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