Adjustment Issues and Conflict

Conflict between student and host family is not uncommon. Causes of conflict include: failure to follow host family rules, weak adjustment effort and uncooperative attitude.

Culture Shock and Homesickness

Culture shock is the physical and emotional discomfort experienced when living in a culture with different values, perceptions, cultural norms and beliefs that “threaten” a person’s understanding of what he or she thought to be “right.”

Differences in Religion and Spirituality

Spirituality is a deeply personal matter and religion might or might not be an important part of a host family’s life.

Five Simple Safety Tips for Host Families

Inviting an international student into your home is an exciting experience that thousands of host families enjoy every year. It is a time to share your culture, learn about someone else’s, and develop strong bonds along the way.

The 5 Steps to Protecting our Children

Learn the facts!

How to find American friends at School

Some students find it harder than others to make friends. Here are some tips from actual ETC Student’s to help your student make friends more easily.

Online Safety Tips

There’s a world to explore. You may like honing your talents at school and achieving your best grades, but you also know that adventures await and there are many new things to discover.

Perceived Lack of English Proficiency

Some students may not be very communicative when they first arrive in the U.S. Communication in a foreign language is extremely tiring and can be frustrating.

Tips for Dealing with Flight Problems

Avoid some of the common pitfalls associated with international travel.

Student Adjustment Cycle

These stages are far from universal, but most students who arrive in August for a 10 month stay, experience many of these stages at different times and to different degrees during their stay. Acknowledgment of these stages may help you to better understand some of the feelings your student may experience.

Tips for Dealing with Conflict

Tips for Dealing with Conflict Every host family and exchange student will experience conflict at one point. How you deal with it will determine the success of your hosting experience.

Too Much Contact from Home

It is particularly tempting for students to reach out on a daily basis when home is just a “mouse-click” away. However, excessive communication with home will often contribute to feelings of homesickness and many students are not aware of this fact.