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What is it?

International Education Week (IEW) is a joint project between the U.S. Dept of State and the U.S Department of Education. It was created in an effort to promote international understanding and cooperation through education and exchange. All ETC students are highly encouraged to make cultural presentations as part of IEW.

How I can get involved?

IEW is the perfect excuse to get your host community’s attention and teach them about your culture. Ask teachers, your LC, or your host family where you might be able to make your presentation. After your presentation, complete the application form and have one or more adults complete the recommendation form.

When and where?

IEW occurs in November. You can present in school, at your religious institutions, to after-school clubs, at your local nursing home, etc. ETC encourages all students to participate in IEW and offers a contest for which the top 3 presenters win amazing prizes. Prizes will be awarded to the students who show the most effort and originality. All students who participate will receive an ETC shirt to keep or give away.

Presentation Ideas


Introduce yourself

Give your name, your home country, and  share a little bit about your  experience as an exchange student


A story about your home country

– What school is like in your home country
– What it is like to live with your host family
– Describe a holiday celebration in your home country and its importance
– Describe a funny experience you had on your exchange – in school, with friends, with your host family.
– Describe the strangest thing you have learned about your host country.
– Describe the biggest difference you see between your home and your host country.
– Describe how your exchange experience has impacted you, your host family and your own family. Did you change at all? Has it shaped  your plans and goals for the future?


A focus on a certain topic(s)

Government: Explain how your government functions.
History: Tell about your nation’s history

Culture: Discuss the different types of food, music, dances, traditions, etc. in your country. Bring in food samples, demonstrate dances/songs, or play traditional music from your country.

Language: Teach the audience a few simple phrases in your native language.

Important Social/Political/ Religious Issues: Talk about some of  the specific things that people in your country are interested in or concerned about. You can discuss family trends, economic issues,
social/environmental problems, importance of religion, political changes, etc…

Ideas on what to bring in your presentation

Show photos of your country, friends, and family
Bring a map or your national flag, or make a poster with facts about your country
Share your favorite recipes or foods
Prepare a video and PowerPoint presentation about your country or city


1st Prize

New York trip

ETC Trip in March. Airfare not included.

2nd Prize

$200 Gift Card

3rd Prize

$100 Gift Card

** Prizes will be awarded to the students who show the most effort and originality. Choosing different ways to present your culture will increase your chances of winning (i.e. creating a video, presentation, AND preparing a meal).

How to participate in IEW 2019?

1. Make your presentation



** All applications must be submitted by November 30th. **Winners will be announced December 13th!

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