Giving Tuesday in Phoenix, AZ

This year the ETC staff had an amazing time volunteering for Feed My Starving Children. They packed more than 890 boxes!

Giving Tuesday in Warrenton, VA

“For our Giving Tuesday I had a few students that live by me come help decorate Christmas Trees for my Town’s Gum Drop Square. We did it with Families 4 Fauquier, a service organization in our community. Every year Warrenton does a big Christmas parade and at the end is Santa Clause where kids can go get pictures with Santa and go shopping for their families. Tickets are $1 for each item. We decorated 4 trees: the Virginia Tree, The Baking tree, the Cow tree and a Blue and White tree. My daughter Kathryn decorated a few wreaths. The Partnership for Warrenton does this for our community every year. Anjuli Krahl, Francesca Pelosi and LingXiang Sun attended with me.”

– Heather Weir, Local Coordinator



Giving Tuesday in Albuquerque, NM

ETC students in Albuquerque, NM, extended their volunteer efforts for Giving Tuesday by feeding the homeless.  The students are not accustomed to volunteerism in their own home countries, so volunteering in America was a special cultural, learning experience for them.

Giving Tuesday in Mesa, AZ

Education, Travel and Culture partnered with Feed My Starving Children in Mesa. This organization is dedicated to providing high quality and nutritionally complete meals to malnourished children all over the world. The ETC staff was so excited to be part of something that will help children and potentially change lives. Everyone had a fantastic time dancing to the Christmas music while scooping vitamins, veggies, rice and soy. Participating in this event prepared our team for the charitable season and inspired many people to volunteer again! ETC along with volunteers from ASU and Cornerstone packed 145 boxes and 31,320 meals! This is enough meals to feed 85 malnourished children for an entire year! In the US we are so blessed to have many necessities and luxuries at our fingertips but on November 29th the greatest blessing was having the opportunity to help make a difference in a child’s life.

Giving Tuesday in Archbold, OH

The ETC students in Ohio, host families, and friends volunteered at Zion Mennonite Church on November 22nd, 2016 to give back the community by serving a community meal. Crissi, a former host mother, said that churches in Archbold, Ohio come together to offer the meals every Tuesday evening. Everyone in the community was welcome to attend the meal. The purposes of the community meal were to help build relationships between people in the community, provide a place for people to make new friends, and feed people who were struggling. People who were not struggling were welcome as well. Many people have made new friends during the meal. They shared and exchanged their interests. They also looked forward to come every Tuesday. All of the ETC team enjoyed helping the community. Some of us were in the serving line, some helped serving beverages & all of us helped with cleaning and putting tables and chairs away. People were so kind and it was so much fun! We look forward to do something like this again!

Giving Tuesday in Phoenix, AZ

ETC and sister organization PSE staff members adopted a family for Christmas as part of Giving Tuesday. We all chose different presents on their Christmas list, and enjoyed being their “Santa Claus” for the day.