ETC Local Coordinators are an integral part of the support structure we offer students, host families, schools, and partner organizations. Coordinators are the first point of contact and are trusted advisors ranging in issues from student/host family personality conflicts to school-related questions. Through monthly in-person contact with the students, Coordinators are also a necessary link to the ETC office and raise awareness of issues so that they can be resolved early.

Local Coordinators have a range of responsibilities, apart from the advisory role. Coordinators are invaluable connections to schools in their area and are often the ones to obtain acceptance agreements for the students before they arrive. Also, Coordinators are responsible for the recruitment of host families for the students and then leading orientations for those families. Once the students arrive, Coordinators are responsible for arranging airport meetings with the host families, student orientations and assisting in student enrollment in school.

ETC asks that Coordinators have a valid driver’s license, full use of a car, experience in conflict resolution, a flexible schedule, and a strong desire to learn about other cultures.

As Coordinators develop strong relationships with their students and host families, they find that they, too, learn an extraordinary amount about themselves and the world around them. Local Coordinators are a valued member of the ETC team and an important part of the students and host families’ lives. We would love to hear from you if you would like to explore this wonderful opportunity!

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