We are a family comprised of hundreds of employees, independent contractors, volunteers, and host families who are passionate about education, travel, and culture. 

ETC provides inbound program opportunities for high school students throughout the world to study in an American high school and live with an American family. ETC’s outbound program offers students the chance to study and live in a foreign country.

Become a host family

Our host families learn about a new culture by providing a place to stay for a foreign exchange student.

Be a local coordinator

Local coordinators become part of the ETC team by mentoring exchange students and help recruit host families.

Study abroad

It’s time to have an adventure abroad. Choose your destination and have one of the best experiences of your life!

"ETC values us as people. appreciates us as employees and help us with whatever support we need. Teamwork like that keeps a company growing and the employees happy!"
"Hosting takes all kinds of families and everyone benefits from this unique experience. We love to travel and now that we have children all over the world - it gives us even more reason to travel. If you have never hosted before - we say GO FOR IT!"
ETC Student
"Teresa is my local coordinator. I'm really happy to have her. She always checks on us and helps if we need some. I feel comfortable talking to her about what I feel (homesickness, school and my family)."

Host an exchange student today!

Volunteer host families are an integral part of the ETC exchange student experience. Host families provide room, board, a place to study, and an American family experience for guest students during their semester or academic year in the United States.

Hosting FAQs

Who are our students?

Our students are between 15-18 and come to America on a J-1 Visa. They are fluent in English and maintain a C or higher in all of their high school courses. They provide their own health insurance, spending money, and are eager to share their culture.

How will hosting benefit my family?​

Give your family an understanding of other cultures and the ability to communicate cross-culturally.

What would my responsibilities be?

- Room and board.
- Transportation or carpooling.
- Guidance and support for the student. 
- Monthly contact with ETC representative.

We don’t have an extra bedroom

That’s okay! Students can share a room with one host sibling of the same gender and similar age.

What if there is a problem with our student?

ETC will be there 24 hours a day for emergencies and support. Your ETC Local Coordinator will be in regular contact with you to help solve problems and offer support and guidance.

We are very busy, is that a problem?

Living with a busy family is the best way for a student to learn about life in the U.S.

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