Below are the necessary forms you will need while studying as an ETC exchange student. Also, the Student Links section offers links to helpful resources.student_resources

Printable Forms
These forms require Adobe Reader. If this application is not already installed on your computer, you may download it free of charge from Adobe.


Student Grade Report
Monthly grade report for your teachers to sign.

Permission to Travel Form
Please send this required form to ETC two weeks before you travel. In addition, if you are travelling outside the United States, mail your original DS 2019 form to the ETC head office in Portland, Oregon. If you are planning to miss any school, please complete the Instructor Permission to Travel Form, below, and send to your ETC representative before you leave. Final approval depends on your most recent grades.

Student Evaluation
Tell us about your exchange experience.

Student Bank Account (W-8) Form
Please use this form to open up a bank account. For your own protection, please do not have any host family member or person(s) add themselves as co-signers or otherwise with your bank account. Students are fully responsible for the maintenance of their bank accounts and neither ETC, your local coordinator nor the host family have any responsibility for this.

DOS Student Welcome Letter
The Department of State congratulates you on your participation in the Exchange Visitor Program!

Apostille Processing Form (Brazil, South Korea, Spain)
The countries of Mexico, South Korea, and Spain, often require apostillment of US transcripts in order to issue credit for US schoolwork. Please complete and submit this form to have ETC take care of transcript apostillment processing.

ETC Student Links
We’ve put together some helpful links to help you out while you’re part of our program.

Exchange Student Visa Frequently Asked Questions

Student VisasFind the answer to questions you have about your student visa.

World Clock – Find out what time it is in your student’s home country.

Currency Converter – Find out how far your money will go with

Metric Converter – Use Worldwide Metric’s metric converter to discover how many kilometers are actually in a mile.

Free Voice Over Internet – Talk to your friends and family back home for free with Skype.

The Weather Channel Get the forecast to help plan your weekend.

Tourist Information – Learn more about your community by visiting the links below.

Oregon State:
Washington State: